To the Origin


The Project

To the Origin is a documentary film to rescue and honor ancestral wisdom kept by the indigenous people around Latin America.

It is a message within 3 stories, to connect the modern world to the native ways of seeing and healingour current reality by discovering how ancient cultures coexist with Nature.

This film is meant to promote cultural and ecological preservation, presenting creative solutions to address contemporary issues, and planting the seed to understand our human potential as spirits.



To the Origin is a call to vindicate the enlightened indigenous voices that remind us of our right to understand and communicate with Nature. In a journey through the Mayan jungle, the Mazatec mountains and the Amazon rainforest, the sages reveal their medicine and service to the Earth. By depicting their vision, the “civilized world” paradigm shifts, and a new perspective of social evolution emerges through the notion of spiritual awareness.

Republic of Light has traveled southern Mexico capturing the stories of undiscovered sages and healers. We filmed lessons of how to live a simple life and the wonders of communicating with the spirit realm.

Now we head south to new encounters in the Peruvian Amazon jungle where the Shipibo tribe holds the sacred mysteries of the spirit vine, Ayahuasca. We are on a mission to find a curandero (healer) to share the great knowledge this mother plant has been sharing for generations. We continue our journey this August 2013.

The Plan


The Seed of Spirit

In Sisbicchen, a remote Mayan village in the Yucatan jungle live the grandparents, who harmoniously co-exist in a symbiotic, sustainable relationship with nature.

Grandpa Marco and grandma Tina live in what they call “natural time” which is nothing more than observation, acceptance, and adaptation to the rhythms of the Earth. They know when it will rain and how long it will go on for. They know when to go to their field to scare away birds pecking at their harvest. Most importantly they make time to serve the Earth through prayer.

Their humility is their greatest lesson and it is learned through their daily life. They teach us the complexity of leading a simple life by prioritizing the spiritual experience from the mundane routine.


Communicating with the Spirit

Cheo lives deep in the heart of the Mazatec mountain range in Oaxaca, Mexico. Since he was a child, he has developed the gift of healing people.

Visited by patients, day and night, he shows his sacrifice in the path of service to others and his dedication to acquiring expertise in the various healing techniques that he inherited from his ancestors.

He reveals his most treasured medicine - the use of entheogenic mushrooms in a ceremonial ritual. With the guidance of the mushrooms, he reaches understanding to diagnose patients and communicate with spirits.

We create audiovisual art that is conscious, constructive, destructive, impossible, mystical, and inspirational. Transforming the means of storytelling towards the re-evolution of human consciousness

We are a collective of filmmakers and photographers striving to create films that break the rules of traditional documentary filmmaking. We aim to take the audience on journeys beyond their intellect, into their imagination.


Leaving a bigger footprint:

As part of our philosophy we intend to give back to the indigenous communities that opened their hearts to this project. We want to celebrate the open exchange of cultural awareness by organizing community hosted screenings. These events will be an offering of our finished episodes and an opportunity for an open exchange of the new world sustainable practices.


Republic of Light needs your help to liberate invaluable stories. The film depends on the power we have to manifest the necessary resources!

Our hearts and souls are completely dedicated to this quest. We are on our way to continue the production of this film in South America.

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